Aviation Fest
4. - 5. may, Air base Piešťany
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Refreshment for FLP visitors is prepared within 25 gastro provider stalls. Traditional festival specialities such as  fried sausages, grilled meals, hamburgers, potato pancakes or goulash will not be missing. Also pizza, gnocchi, home - made bakery products (štrúdla, trdelníky, plnené palacinky) and many more will be on offer. Stalls offering coffee and icecream will be spreaded within the entire visitor-area.

Drinks and beverages( Urpiner beer, BB cola) produced  by portfolio partner the Urpiner brewery are on offer. Wide scale of non-alcoholic beverages and mineral water will be available at gastro stalls too. Oposite each gastro-zone there will be also an area for enjoying refreshment with sun-protection provided.These zones are equipped with beer stands and parasoles.

Keeping strict hygienic regulations is essential. Each seller shall be provided with a health certificate and shall attend all necessary seminars.