Aviation Fest
4. - 5. may, Air base Piešťany
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Prohibited objects

Firearms:any arms that could launch one or more projectiles driven by an explosive force, air or gass pressure including flare guns and signal pistols.

Knives and cutting tools: including sabers, swords, cutters, hunting knives, souvenirs, hand tools for martial arts, professional tools and other knives with the length of 6 cm and more, or the knives that are considered to be illegal by the law.

Sticks: truncheons, wood truncheons, baseball bats etc.

Explosives, ammunition, flammable substances, corrosive substances: any explosive or flammable components whose spontaneous activation or activation in the connection with other items can cause an explosion or fire. These include explosives, explosive capsules, fireworks, kerosene, other flammable substances, munitions etc., or any combination of these substances or materials. Any corrosive or toxic substances, including gases, both compressed or uncompressed.

Paralysing devices: all kinds of tear-gas, narcotic gas, similar chemical substances and gases that are in pistols, canisters or other containers, and other equipment such as an electroshock/incapacitating weapon.

Other items: (e.g. ice crushers, climbing tools, razors, scissors), although they are not considered to be lethal weapons, they could be used as weapons.

Every visitor will be subjected to the security check. Forbidden objects have to be handed in without restoration of these objects. In case a visitor does not hand in a forbidden object they will not be allowed to visit  the Aviation Festival Piešťany 2019 (FLP).