Aviation Fest
4. - 5. may, Air base Piešťany
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Useful advice

Visitors arriving by vehicles and motorcycles are required: 

  • to use given directions of access to designated parking lots to minimize development of traffic jam on approach roads;

  • not to block entries and exits of parking lots by own cars without reasons

  • to follow instructions given by organizers on parking lots. In case of ignoring these instructions visitors will not be allowed to park there;

  • to lock their cars and secure them against the theft 

  • are recommended not to leave their valuables on parking lots because they are not guarded 


What is not allowed to take to FLP

No entry with a live animal

Visitors are prohibited from taking an animal at the FLP.

No entry with objects capable of floating in the air

FLP visitors are prohibited from taking balloons, aircraft models and objects capable of floating and flying .

No entry with a bicycle (segway)

Entry to the FLP  with a bicycle, a vehicle or a vehicle powered by a human or an animal force is prohibited. Unguarded place for storing bicycles is prepared at gate MÚZEUM.

No entry with alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinks are not allowed to be brought to the FLP.